Stay in Malaysia

I visited Kuala Lumpur to collect some documents which are needed
to create EPDC's proposal for the Project related to power sector in
Malaysia in July 2002.
It was a sudden business for me because my boss ordered me to visit Kuala
Lumpur on the way from New Zealand to Tokyo when I stopped over New Zealand.
I could not prepare well, so I asked for help to Mr. Cham from New Zealand.
In spite of unexpected call, Mr. Cham helped me so much and Mr. Gill and he held
party for me.

In Kuala Lumpur, there is a small railway
system (LRT,The Light Rail Transit) which
is similar to the LRT in Manila

I have never seen such a tiny flying jenny

In Kuala Lumpur, there are many excellent
shopping mall.

Kuala Lumpur is famous for tall buildings.
This is KL tower 421m.

This is the famous PETRONAS TWIN TOWERS.
One building was constructed by Japanese
contractor, and the other was by Korean.

Mr. Cham in his Office.
I was so lucky because I have Mr. Cham in
Kuala Lumpur. He helped me quite a lot during
my business.

Mr. Cham and me

Mr. Cham and his friend invited me Chinese
restaurant for breakfast.

We Japanese love noodles and I enjoyed
Malaysian local food.

Mr. Cham and his friend.

This is local food too.
Fried fish meat. We have similar food in
Japan. It was quite delicious for me.

Electric Power Utility in Malaysia
This is the entrance of Head Office.
Mr. Cham and Gill are working in other

The day I came back, my friends held
nice farewell party for me. I hope I have
a chance to invite them to Tokyo in some

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