Honjos in 2001
I like to take my family's pictures. In 2001, I took hundreds of
pictures and put them on my homepage to introduce our life to
my relatives. I pick up some pictures from my Japanese
homepage to show our recent condition to my friends of
foreign countries.

My son (Makoto) and my wife are
celebrating his second birthday.

His birthday is June 7th 1999.

In weekend we often go parks near
our apartment house because weekdays
I don't have enough time to stay with my
My wife Sonoko and my son are eating
lunch on a lawn.

We are getting on swing.
Makoto like to get on swing, however,
he can not get on by himself.

Both of Sonoko and I are beer lovers. It is great
pleasure for us to drink beer under the sky.
Makoto loves orange juice.

In Tokyo, we have Tokyo Disney Land.
My apartment is 1hour distance from Tokyo
Disney Land and Makoto always wish to go

After we play in the park, Makoto gets tired
and always fell into asleep. even on bicycle.

He loves cherry.
Other than cherry he loves strawberry, banana,

Most of Japanese are not Christian, however,
we celebrate Xmas prosperously.

Xmas party in my family. Every year we celebrate
Xmas party and have small party for ourselves.

He is only 2 years old., however, he like to play PC.
He occupies my PC so long time,
so I have to make my homepage in midnight.

On bullet train (Shinkansen). I make fanny face
for Makoto.

My son tries to pretend me.

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